The following issues have been raised by users and resolutions to these are included where available:

  • Some users have reported that the software crashes after the splash screen. This is due to a driver issue and may be resolved by downloading the package here and installing only the 2015 items. Alternately if this does not resolve the issue there will be a new release which resolves this during May.
  • Microsoft altered their repository and as such the automatic installer package for .NET 4.5 no longer links to the correct location. If you do not have .NET 4.5 installed then download the Offline or Web Installer versions before attempting to install Sky Cam. New repositories will be included with the next release.
  • The software was designed to take advantage of the auto exposure and auto max exposure functions available with the latest drivers however it has been brought to my attention that the older .AS cameras have a limitation of 0.5 seconds on the auto max exposure setting. This unfortunately is locked out in the firmware and TIS have refused to make any changes to the firmware to remove this limitation. Users with cameras operating this firmware will need to manually adjust the exposure settings during transition to darkness after setting of “Auto Capture” for the moment. A future release will include some additional options for users of the .AS firmware which will allow them to set a fixed exposure time that the camera will switch to when the solar altitude drops below pre defined values. This will however mean some periods of under exposure during the transition until the maximum set exposure value is reached.
  • Previous unhandled errors would cause the software to close without warning or error messages. New error handling will be implemented to the next release which will catch any previously unhandled errors and report them to the user and write them to a log file which will help in resolving any issues in the future.