The Sky Cam all sky software has been developed especially with amateur astronomers in mind who want to build their own “All Sky” camera systems for monitoring the weather at a remote observatory and capturing time lapse images of the cosmos, meteor showers such as the Perseids, or the Aurora Borealis (should you be lucky to live in a latitude where it is visible) and runs under Microsoft Windows™. It is also capable of automatically uploading images via FTP so that the user can host them on their own website for remote viewing by themselves or anyone else. The Sky Cam’s all sky software has been designed to function with all cameras manufactured by The Imaging Source™ and to be simple and intuitive to use while still having all of the main features that are required from an all sky camera system.

Main Features:

  • Single image capture
  • Capture of AVI video clips
  • Capture of images sequences of user defined length (great for taking dark frames!)
  • Adjustment of all main camera settings
  • Capture of time lapse sequences between dusk and dawn
  • Upload of images to FTP server for web hosting
  • Automatic calculation of the solar altitude for the users location
  • Cleanup of old files to save disk space for unattended installations
  • Dark frame subtraction to calibrate long exposure images or noisy cameras
  • Creation of time lapse videos from captured still images